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Technical Writer Salary

Technical Writing Salaries Explained

Admit it, if you're considering becoming a technical writer, one of the first things you probably want to know is how much you're going to earn. This is a sticky subject, but we'll do our best to give you some guidelines on typical salary levels for technical writing jobs.

Average Salary for a Technical Writer

As always, the average salary reported for technical writers depends very much on the source. To give you a guideline, here are several figures for an average salary for a technical writer:

How much can you earn as a Freelance Technical Writer?

One question that we often get is how much can you earn as a freelance technical writer? Although there are many sites out there (usually trying to sell a freelance writing training package) that will claim incredible figures of six figures or more, the average freelance technical writer earns less than six figures. However, the exciting part is that your salary range depends entirely on your output: if you're able to become a top performer and carve out a solid niche for yourself, then definitely earning a six-figure salary while working from home in your pajamas is entirely possible.

How can you increase your earnings as a Technical Writer?

Generally there are two main factors that will determine how much you earn as a technical writer:

  1. Volume of work
  2. Demand for technical specialty
First, to increase your volume of work, you need to learn how to properly market yourself as a technical writer. In this day and age that means having a freelance technical writing website which describes your services and your expertise. In addition, you can generate leads by working with technical writing agencies, and posting your service offerings on various technical writing job listing sites.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you have strong technical expertise in the most in-demand technical specialties. Usually this is something that you just fall into. Many technical writers are making a career change from practicing in a technical field such as engineering or medicine, but seek out the greater flexibility of a freelance writer. However, even if your technical skills are not as sharp as they once were, there are a number of options for technical training which can greatly increase your earning power as a technical writer.